Rozbark Theater, Bytom (PL)

BYTOM’S ROZBARK DANCE AND MOVEMENT THEATER, as the name says, unites five important elements – it combines and intertwines the fields of theater, dance, and movement, being an institution of the city of Bytom, located in the Rozbark district. One of the assets that allows us to develop our activities is the headquarters of the institution – the unique building of the guildhall of the Rozbark mine. Our mission is to bring the art of dance to audiences through various forms, from festivals and residencies to educational and social programs designed to animate mainly the local environment, while creating one of the most important places on the dance map of Poland.

Rozbark Theatre uses the categories of dance and theater, in which character study emerges from an intellectual process, creative fantasy and through complex physical movement work. The theater’s company, operating under the artistic direction of Anna Piotrowska, consists of Joanna Brodniak, Katarzyna Zioło, Kamil Bończyk, Alexey Torgunakov, Julia Lewandowska, Daniel Zych. Based on Piotrowska’s proprietary methods of working with the body, the artists develop individualized movement and an open structure, combining body matter, words and exploration of space.

István Pálosi (H) workshop – Ballet & Art of Movement
Rozbark Theater, Bytom (PL)

15.06. 12.00-13.30

The class starts at the bar, followed by center work, finally we practice your technique of jumps and turns. Our goal is to achieve an airy, sophisticated and elegant dance style with intense practice of classical ballet technique.

Art of Movement
16.06. 12.00-13.30

The class is based on the traditional Hungarian modern dance (established in 1912). We are improving body awareness, coordination and the usage of space.

We are working with and studying the natural movement possibilities, using the system of Dienes and Berczik. Our goal is to learn to move consciously with intention, through discovering space, time, strength, and symbolism.

During the class, you can try out different tools such as; veil variations, ball, etc., and at the end, we finish with free dance/improvisation.

Feedback talks

Professional talk about the performances of Thursday night
2023.06.16. Friday

Professional talk about the performances of Friday night
2023.06.17. Saturday
Rozbark Theater, Bytom (PL)

On the occasion of the professional talk between members of the jury and the performers, jury invites everyone interested to join the open conversation.