Competition Platform

2021. 01. 13. Wednesday, 19.00 – Opening – MOHA-House of Art of Movement/ live screening on YouTube

Guest: Mándy Ildikó Társulata (H) – Bosons -„Divine” Particles

Creator-performers: BAKONYI Jusztina, CSEH Hajnalka, FRANK Rebeka, Eva MORA, SZELES Ildikó

Music: IAMYANK, FEHÉR Ferenc

Video: SPITZER Fruzsina, RUZSA Dénes

Costumes: MOSOLYGÓ Anna

Lighting: VAJDA Máté

Direction and concept by MÁNDY Ildikó Harangozó Gyula-díjas koreográfus

With the participation: JÓJÁRT Barbara, MORCZ Fruzsina, PÁLINKÁS-Molnár Mónika, DUSA Gábor, PÁLOSI István, RACZKÓ Tamás

Supporters: NKA, EMMI, MMA, Orkesztika Alapítvány – MOHA-Mozdulatművészek Háza, Kontakt Táncért Alapítvány, Nemzeti Táncszínház, Az előadást a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap Imre Zoltán Programja is támogatta.

ONLINE/ YouTube (recording)

Guest: 102 and a half

Best Duo Dance Performance 2020 & Audience Award 2020

choreographers, performers: Joanna WOŹNA (PL), Magdalena KOWALA (PL)

A sensitive view on the change of memories, possibilities, moments, dreams and emotions of a long lasting relation. Researched and created with true gestures, dealing honestly and respectful with touching images, a poetic and detailed illusion apears about two humans passing a way together. The high quality of the created movement material allows a huge trust and common sense between these two extraordinary dancers.

Guest: BIAS – Back in a second

Best Duo Dance Performance 2020

choreographers, performers: Stella Felicitas KOLODZEY (D), Magdalena OETTL (D)


Two dancers lead themselves and the audience into a breathless journey around poetic and detailed aspects of human relations and the life itself. By creating a unique and special body language, they open our eyes for the deeper layers of attraction an repulsion. The freshness, the energy and the way of researching the material convinced the jury and makes curious for future creations.

2021.01.14. Thursday, 19.00 CET- Competition Platform – ONLINE/ YouTube

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2021. 01.14. Thursday Competition Platform ONLINE



2. Prologue  
3. Ambivalence  
4. Almost nothing  
5. untold manifesto  
6. INNER  
7. InSIDE meeting  
8. Prelude to tenderness  
9. Stream of light  
10. second-hand  
11. Translation Study No. 3  
12. Fr/agile  
13. DEVICE  

2020.01.15 Friday, 19.00 CET – Competition Platform – ONLINE/ YouTube

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2021.01.15 Friday Competition Program ONLINE



2. Packed with love  
3. Sharp obscurity  
4. Cypress  
5. Flow My Tears – an interdisciplinary Solo performance  
6. stucked  
7. Translation Study No. 1  
8. Would you mind?  
9. my hopelessness  
10. Acamante and phyllis  
11. Siren  
12. Returning  
10. Delicious Overdose  

2021. 01. 16. Saturday, 19.00 – ONLINE/ YouTube

The best productions of SzólóDuó 2021

Guest: Feledi Project (H) Selection from the productions of the last 10 years

Over the past 10 years, the Feledi Project, under the artistic direction of János Feledi, has become an ensemble with the most versatile repertoire, artists of high quality in the Hungarian dance scene . 10 years is a really long time in the life of an independent company. The first independent production took place on December 8, 2010 at the Géza Gárdonyi Theater in Eger. The highly successful performance confirmed for János Feledi that he had to go his own way. This is when the Feledi Project was founded, from that moment he started to make his creative and choreographic ideas and dreams become reality in cooperation with permanent and invited artists.

He used to believe and still believes that with persistent work, the Feledi Project can grow into a defining company in the dance life. In addition to uniquely combining the basics of classical ballet with elements of modern dance, there was a fundamental desire to bring a new color to the world of dance art with its mature, individual style and way of expression in its creative form. In addition to the outstanding initial successes, the creation of new performances with the involvement of other branches of art and appearing at international festivals were the biggest tasks.

The main goal of the Feledi Project is to preserve the Hungarian artistic cultural values and traditions, and to strengthen the high-quality artistic creative work. To deliver nationally and internationally inspired dance theater performances to as many venues as possible. It is important to present and promote productions that combine different fields of art, in which the more well-known and also progressive genres of performing arts also appear. Our aim is to showcase and make popular the cultural diversity of our country and the uniqueness of our dance art, with performances based on unique ideas, featuring special atmosphere and visual world.

To date, more than 20 works have been created. Over the past 10 years the Feledi Project performed in 3 continents (USA, Africa, Europe) in more than 20 cities in front of thousands of spectators. The quality of our work and the numerous productions won the love and recognition of the Hungarian dance professionals, it is also confirmed by the fact that in 2014 the Feledi Project became the member of the Association of Hungarian Dance Artists and the Society of Hungarian Choreographers. The artistic director of the Feledi Project, János Feledi, has been a scholarship holder of the Scholarship Program of the Hungarian Academy of Arts since 2019 and in 2020 he was awarded with the Gyula Harangozó Prize in recognition of his outstanding performances and creative work in the field of dance.