Competition Platform

2022. 01. 19. Wednesday, 19.00 – Opening – ONLINE/ YouTube

Guest: Hungarian Art of Movement Company – Persona (H)

Choreographer: HARASZTI Adrienn

Co-creator: PÁLOSI István

Performers: FRANK Rebeka, HARASZTI Adrienn, NAGY Noémi Gizella

Costume design: HA

Costume: MATISZ Gábor

Lighting: MAG Viktor “Vuki”

Visual: PI

Music: montázs

Supporters: Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma (EMMI), Nemzeti Kulturális Alap (NKA), Magyar Művészeti Akadémia (MMA), Orkesztika Alapítvány – MOHA-Mozdulatművészek Háza

2022.01.20. Thursday, 19.00 CET- Competition Platform – ONLINE/ YouTube

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2022. 01.20. Thursday Competition Platform ONLINE

The Affairs of human being  


2. Little Miss Know-it-all  
3. Lost together  
4. Wo/&Man  
5. UNCIA  
6. Ritual  
7. Let them Eat Cake  
8. study nO.1 – A Plea for Impermanence excerpt  
9. schwanengesang  
10. Writing Sesat  
11. Show Me A wondrous Moment, Even In a Flash  
12. Otherwise  
13. We find each other in the Plenum  
14. Stop Making Sense  
15. Two Skies  

2022.01.21 Friday, 19.00 CET – Competition Platform – ONLINE/ YouTube

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2022.01.21 Friday Competition Program ONLINE

A hypothesis of Do-rilla  


2. Scent of her Gardenias  
3. I?  
4. Introtention Coda  
5. Getting There  
6. Basic…?  
7. I wanna go home  
8. Foreesia  
9. Minerva  
10. Body soul  
11. not now, not here  
12. Obsession  
13. ,,._’:.!,.-^.?’ (Komma, Punkt)  
14. “Give me a break”  
15. Geminate flower  

2022. 01. 22. Saturday, 19.00 – ONLINE/ YouTube

The best productions of SzólóDuó 2022!!!

Guest: Eva Duda Dance Company (H)

After more than a decade, the company is one of the best established independent contemporary dance groups in Hungary. Through our work we try to build a bridge between well-known and more progressive genres. This bridge helps people understand and enjoy unconventionality, irregularity, abstraction and complexity in dance. Our mission is to make contemporary art, most of all to contemporary dance accessible and understandable to new audiences. During the past twelve years approximately 100.000 spectators and visitors from fifteen countries participated in our different programs. We are a motivated and young organization with big ideas and plans, aiming to work for the future of performing arts.

Eva Duda Dance Company has prepared a video collage of their recent works for the online edition of SzólóDuó Festival 2022. The shows UTOPIA (2018) and WONDERLAND (2019) both present the controversial and absurd world around us. These works raise attention to climate change, multiculturalism, diversity and segregation among many other global phenomenons. For the celebration of the Company’s 10th anniversary MIRROR (2020) was created which is a retrospective performance using elements and parts of previous emblematic shows of the Company. The intense choreographies vary from wild sequences of passionate partnering scenes to almost muted, delicate parts with the mark of Eva’s unique style on each moment. Last but not least moments from the newest work RAMAZURI (2021) can be seen which is a dazzling show, a remarkable and grandiose dance-circus cavalcade dubbed with live music and acrobatic elements that tune up the witty and joyful choreographies.

Guest – Best Solo Dance Performance 2021, Márk Fenyves Prize 2021


choreographer, performer: Marcin MOTYL (PL)

Through the performing art of Marcin Motyl we can participate in his manifestation as the reflection of our fast transforming world on dehumanization. He provokes to wonder who we are and how we exist. He created a strong visual language by clear choices and decisions and made his performance, “DEVICE”, complete.

Guest – Best Duo Dance Performance 2021


choreographer: Simona Fichera (IT), performer: Simona FICHERA (IT), Francesca Caterina SACCO (IT)

The dancers consciously surprise us through their physicality with lightness and tenderness. The selected viewpoint allowed us to enter their world which resonates with Italian film atmosphere from the 50s and 60s also supported by their choice of music, lighting and use of space with the subject which is present and important nowadays.

Guest – Best Solo Dance Performance 2021

untold manifesto

choreographer, performer: Joanna BRODNIAK (PL)

The clarity and choice of movement are connected with the body showing a convincing and authentic language. The dialogue itself guides us into the world of the unspoken which is full of tension. We can feel the power of gesture as a statement of everyone. In ‘Untold Manifesto’, Joanna Brodniak is researching to find freedom especially, to provide space and voice for women.

Guest – Best Duo Dance Performance 2021

Delicious Overdose

choreographer, performer: Cristian CUCCO (IT), Alice Beatrice CARRINO (IT)

Bringing together a magical and mysterious world with a high physicality and dance quality of “Delicious Overdose” made a great impression on the jury. The choice of visual elements of their setting together with the strong character of the female performer created a powerfully resonating performance.