Short new dance productions are Wanted!

SzólóDuó 2023 

14-17. June 2023

SzólóDuó 2023 eceptionally will take place in Bytom, Poland.

The competition program of the Festival can receive 20 performances. We want to ensure the possibility for everyone to perform regardless of the large number of applications, therefore SzólóDuó Festival is going to be completed with nomination-rounds. The nomination rounds will be held in four different countries and online, via video. According to plans the nomination rounds will take place during Spring in Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands. In Germany it was held in May 2022.

The festival can not host performances in which there is no intention for a unique presentation, which means improvisations without any structure, or traditional folk dance pieces will not be accepted.

Application deadline to the Hungarian-nomination round: 12 April 2023
Application deadline to the video round: 1 April 2023

(The latest arrival date of the application form, the youtube link, and the pictures)

If the applicant wishes to perform his /her show live in the Hungarian nomination-round is welcome but his/her trip is self-financed.

Orkesztika Alapítvány (Foundation) reserves the right for all changes.



Conditions for application:

Winners of the previous year in Budapest festival (best solo or duo) can go into the competition program automatically without taking part in any of the pre-nomination rounds.

This year we would like to emphasize the professional evaluation of each performance.

You can apply to the Festival with short solo or duo dance performances under the following conditions:

  1. Applicants must be at least 16 years old.
  2. The length of the performances can not be more than 6 minutes, and not more than 9 minutes in case of duo performances. Overrunning this time limit cause disqualification of the participant automatically.
  3. One choreographer/performer can apply with one solo and one duo production maximum.
  4. Tools or instruments can be used in the performances but only if their installation is not taking more than 30 seconds previous to the performance.Tools (candles, water, dye) that can damage or soil the stage floor are forbidden to use!
  5. Present a complete registration material before deadline, which includes:
    Filled registration form
    – Link of the video
    – Press-quality pictures
  6. Accept terms of participation

The application data cannot be changed!
The foundation can not support the travelling and the accomodation expenses.
We are not able to offer a honorarium.